01 Jan

We google'd places to visit on our route south and west and The monster midge looked interesting so we set off to try to find it.  We imagined that it might be a visitor's site with café and gift shop and a history of the Scottish midge! No, it was just a big rock painted to look like a midge!

We had driven down some very narrow cycle path width roads which were very windy and steep to get to the midge and there were no places to turn around so we carried on to see where it led. At the bottom of the hill it opened out to reveal a small car park and some lovely beaches!          We found an honesty box which asked for £5 to park over night.

Once we set up the van we went to explore.

We had found a little piece of paradise down here and we settled down to a peaceful night's rest.

In the morning we set off towards the Ardnamurchan lighthouse

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