Collecting 'nifty swifty' imageCollecting 'nifty swifty' imageCollecting 'nifty swifty' image
On the 3rd November 2018 we caught the early train into London to meet our connection to Plymouth. Andy was in charge of the travel arrangements so, we arrived at Harlow town station 25 minutes before our train was due and we sat on the platform bench freezing until it eventually arrived!

The journey to Liverpool street was slow but we arrived in London as the sun was rising, just.
We had to get our connection for the Plymouth train but the circle line was shut and we were directed to a station which was 5 minutes walk away and we were panicking now as we couldn't afford to miss the connection.

At last we were at Paddington station, running through to the platform only to be told that our train was delayed, so we had a coffee and waited.