Discovering our motorhome imageDiscovering our motorhome imageDiscovering our motorhome image
We discovered the Swift in auto trader and read up about it. Sue was immediately happy with the lay-out of the van, two made up beds and one double couch which can be made up to a third double bed in the lounge. It had a central kitchen and the shower and toilet were at the back. It looked very roomy compared to some other designs that we had looked at.
The bad news was that the owner lived in Plymouth but as it seemed to be so perfect we phoned him and he told us the vehicle's history. It was registered in 2005, so just over 13 years old, (2018) and only had 17,000 miles on the clock. It had a 2.8 turbo diesel engine in it and it looked great in the photos. We said that we would like to arrange for an AA search and an RAC vehicle check before we committed to travelling down to see it ourselves. The checks were completed and we received the reports after only a few days.
We travelled down to have a look at it on the 15th September 2018. It was in very good condition and we liked it immediately. Andy spent two hours under and over it, going through the reports to see the various issues for himself. We chatted for a while about what needed doing and Andy had already got prices for any repairs that would be needed and we agreed that we would buy it and so we offered a £500 deposit and Andy managed to get nearly £2000 off the asking price of 25,000. We had arranged for the balance to be paid as soon as Andy's pension lump sum had been deposited into the bank and the owner was happy to take the van off of the market.
It had been a very long day so we retired to our hotel, ‘The weary friar ’ for a pint and a meal and then bed.