Dunwich heath beach car park

After our day at Sutton Hoo and a peaceful night sleep at the Sutton heath car park we had set off towards the beach at the National trust site at Dunwich heath. This is a car park right on the beach so we parked the van and took 'D' for a walk along the beach and sat watching the waves for a while, breathing in the sea air.  There is a toilet block and café in the car park but we saved our cash and had coffee in the van.

As the day got older and the shadows longer the car park began to empty. Unfortunately the gates were going to be shut by the wardens at around 5pm so we knew that we would have to leave and find some where else to park for the night. Before we left Andy managed to get 50 litres of fresh water from the toilet block as there was a tap on the outside wall. He also managed to empty our toilet in the toilet block (although he went into the ladies WC by mistake!)

We set off as late as we could and headed for the Fredericks mount (Doughnut) car park in the woods where we had spent some peaceful nights before, see this page for the night we witnessed a fantastic thunder and lightning display at sunset.

We had a peaceful night at Fredericks mount but when we were ready to leave in the morning our vehicle battery was flat! We had to call our breakdown people, Green flag and waited less than an hour for them to find us in the woods,  (we used the 'What3Words' app so that they could pin point our exact position as post codes were useless in this situation.)