04 May

We left Essex on the 4th May and travelled to Suffolk and Dunwich beach to see if we would still be able to park up overnight. There are a lot of new signs advising that overnight parking and camping is not allowed. We drove to the back of the car park at Dunwich beach as far away from the houses as possible and set the van up for the night.

Straight to the beach to hear the waves. A walk in the wind and then back to the van for lunch.

We stayed the night at Dunwich beach car park and had a great night's sleep despite the sound of the pounding of the waves on the pebble beach! 

In the morning Andy walked 'D' along the beach and Sue cooked up a storm of a breakfast. We set off for Southwold harbour and the beautiful sandy beach.

Once parked up and we had had a quick walk on the beach we headed for Southwold pier                       for fish & chips!

By the time we got back from Southwold we were thinking about our next place to park over night. Southwold harbour isn't a very good place to park up over night so we headed for the woods near Dunwich. We weren't sure what we would find but we had passed this spot on the way to Southwold earlier in the day and it looked like there weren't any height barriers, etc. so we set off.

We arrived and set the van up for the night, the sun was setting and there were some very dark clouds coming our way so we thought that we might be in for some rain....little did we know!

Yes, a hail storm with full thunder and lightning thrown in, which was lovely. After the storm the evening settled and so did we. The mountain bikers went home and all was quiet. We weren't troubled for the whole night and in the morning, refreshed and ready for the day's adventures Andy went into the woods to exercise!

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