12 Apr

During the last lockdown, we got the van ready to travel and chose a spot not too far away from base. Sue worked hard cleaning the van and Andy did the 'blue' jobs (waste out, water in, tools stored etc.)

We set off for the Hertford area and found a lovely spot at Waterford heath, a little car park for walkers with dogs and without. No camping or fires but nothing about no overnight parking or vans/motorhomes so we parked on a reasonably level spot and set up for the night. Andy got the drone out to get an aerial view.

We had our dinner and walked D to see the sunset, it was bitterly cold but we wrapped up in our layers and survived.

The next morning Andy left Sue in bed and walked D. There is a great choice of walks here and mountain bike trails too. Andy and D went off to the south and found a view point which looked across the Beane valley and Bramfield woods.

Here is a short, very short slideshow

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