Van life festival 2023

We have been looking forward to this festival for a few months, Andy's daughter Jenny was coming with us on this trip as she was thinking about buying a van herself in the near future. We had bought the 'early bird' tickets in February and we have been following the updates on the facebook group. It sounded like it was going to be a great festival.

June 1st soon came we Hit the road (Tom Dibbs).

We got camp Mcwillie set up and had a walk about to see what was happening. It was only Thursday so things were still being set up and it was quiet.

On Friday more poeple arrived and was getting busier We had a wander to see what was happening around the site and checked out the stalls that were selling festival clothing and street food. Sue and Jenny had booked a Reiki session each at 5pm so we decided to kill some time until then and got the paddle boards out and spent an hour on the river Severn.


After the Reiki sessions Sue and Jenny  said that they both felt really relaxed and chilled out. Later that day we listened to some more music at the live lounge.

Saturday came we wanted to see what new vans had arrived so we headed for the retro area where we found, amongst other things, a Mk 3 Chopper bike and some really cool vans from the 60s and 70s.

Andy sent the drone up to see how the festival was laid out.

Tonight we are going to the 'main stage' to see Oas-sis and The Brit Pop Band but first Sue and Jenny were going to the well being area to have a 'Sound bath' and Andy was going to the pub to watch the F.A. cup final.

After a thoroughly entertaining four pints and a fairly good F.A. cup final Andy arrived back very energetic and raring to go 'out, out'. Sue and Jenny, having had their 'sound bath' were a few heart beats away from comotose, however we all managed to sort our wardrobes out and get off to the 'main' stage.

A great evening but glad to be back around the fire pit.

On Sunday morning we woke up late after our boozy late night. We watched some of the campers pack up and leave, they must have work or school in the morning and then Andy came out of the van with his guitar. There was an 'open mic' session on the main stage at 11am and he was going to play a couple of tunes! So, off we went.

Andy met the other musicians and had a 'jam' with them whilst they all waited for the organiser to come over and sort out their running order. Then it was time to get up on stage and play!

A bit croaky after yesterday's drinking session and singing along to the live bands but no excuses, it's a laugh.

Later that day we wandered down to the pub that Andy had watched the football in on Saturday and had a lovely afternoon drinking beer, Gin and Jamesons in the beer garden where we met a nice chap who supplied 'D' with dog biscuits. After a bit of a session we staggered back to the showgroung and sat by the river watching the swimmers before heading back to the van to finish off the booze and enjoy the last few hours of the van life festival 2023.

It's Monday morning and we have to go. Van life festival is over for this year, will we be back in 2024? You bet we will!