Twinwood 2022


We left Hertford for Twinwood in the rain. When we arrived the entrance road into the fields was very muddy but we managed to keep going unlike a 4x4 truck towing a caravan which was spinning their rear wheels?! We set up camp after being guided to our pitch eventually. It was further away than last year 🙁

Once we had set up camp we had a walk about to check out the music venues and exhibitor's stalls.

When we got back to the van we got talking to a Scottish couple on the next pitch and got into a drinking session until late talking about Scotland and how beautiful it is.


We Pottered around until the main arena opened at 3pm and then set off to watch a rock a billy band. Later the Ragdolls (Frankie Valli tribute) were headlining. We had a sing song and a dance on the grass. Later we went to the swing DJ venue and then Soul shack, northern soul where Sue had a little dance then we went home to bed, knackered and aching!  


We got up and got our breakfast down us and went to the arena to catch 'The Glenn Miller' tribute band. Sue carried on and had a wander and went back to the van to check on 'D' whilst I sat and relaxed for an hour and listened to the old Glenn Miller favourites.

In the evening we Stumbled across a band in the glade who were playing some great covers.

After that we went to the main arena to see 'The Counterfeit Stones'. They were brilliant, 'Mick Jagger' was really good, and he entertained us with his banter and jokes in the Mick Jagger voice and of course his singing voice was spot on too. The whole band were so close to the original Rolling Stones that if you shut your eyes, you would think that they were the original band!

After the Stones gig Andy went to the comedy venue to see a sword swallowing act and a couple of comedians, Sean Collins and Mike Gunn who were ok, not hilarious. Then off to bed!


It was a nice bright sunny morning and we decided to take a walk to the control tower museum. On the way we met a couple who had a unique push chair/pram, and they kindly allowed us to take a photo. Then we had a look at some of the classic cars on show and had a couple of beers whilst watching the jive dancers. The control tower museum was shut last year (Covid) so we were pleased to find it open today and we spent half an hour in there looking at the antiquated equipment that was used to control flights in and out during the 2nd world war. Of course, Twinwood airfield is where Glen Miller took off from on his final fateful journey and it was the control tower staff who his pilot would have been in contact with.

Here is a short slideshow of our walk.


Today was the last day of the festival and a lot of campers were leaving?! I suppose they had work and other commitments.  We had a quieter day and decided to pack the Quest 4 tent away ready for tomorrows 'great exodus' in case it rained overnight. 

In the evening Andy went to see the Tom Jones tribute in the main arena, Sue stayed in with the dog as she didn't really like Tom Jones. The act was absolutely spot on.... just like the other tributes over the weekend, 'Tom' was an accurate facsimile of the original artist, his talking voice was Tom Jones, and his singing voice was fantastic and, again if you shut your eyes, it was like having Tom on stage!


We had a slow start on Tuesday as we had already packed away and just had to clear up after breakfast. We left bang on 12 noon as the power was disconnected! Got our money's worth! It was a great five days and nights.