Midland air museum

The journey to the air museum from Warwick took 20 minutes and Andy could not contain his excitement! As a pilot, although of much smaller aircraft than the ones here, he just could not wait to get parked up. Once we had worked our way through the reception which was full of photos of aircraft and airfix model kits of aircraft we stepped outside and were greeted by the site of a magnificent Vulcan bomber, XL360 'The spirit of Coventry'. We were invited to enter the cockpit of the Vulcan and were guided by a very knowledgeable chap. We were surprised by how small the cocpit area was and how heavy the equipment looked. This Vulcan was involved in the Falklands war in 1982.  Here is a link to some web sites which are more suited to telling the story of the Vulcan bomber and the other exhibits than this one.

Midland Air Museum | Explore our Exhibits 

List of surviving Avro Vulcans - Wikipedia 

Avro Vulcan | BAE Systems 

We had spent about an hour exploring the mighty Vulcan, inside and out and it was time to wander around the rest of the exhibits which included the MIG 21, Sea Harrier, the Meteor, Lightning F6, a Leopard 2 seater and many more.

Our pilot is happy now that he has had his fix and sat in the cockpit of a Meteor so after a lovely mocha in the small cafe we were back on the road and heading for Peterborough!