Tenby and Pendine sands

6th Dec

The journey from the Laurenny arms back to the main road was better than the journey to the pub stop as we decided not to listen to the Garmin and take a different route. The road was much wider on this route and our stress levels went down considerably. 

Arriving at the three oaks site in Tenby we swung the van around the very tight entrance from the lane and up the hill to the top pitch. We parked and set up and relaxed for the first afternoon as we had decided to leave the trip into Tenby until tomorrow. We sat in the van watching the world cup match between Portugal and Switzerland and admiring the sunset.  

7th Dec

A frosty but sunny morning. We had left the electric heating on low all night so the van was reasonably warm whilst we had our cuppa and so was D. We packed the van ready for the road as we were driving into Tenby today. There was a massive pay and display car park minutes from the beach a we paid £8 for 24 hours. Unfortunately you were not allowed to stay overnight and sleep in your van which we don't understand because you can buy a 24 hour ticket! 

D walked for the first 10 minutes and then we sat him in his buggy for the rest of the journey to the beach. We stopped at Café Dennis for Burger, Cheese toastie (with ham) and two mochas with a spectacular view of castle beach. 

Back to check the van and then off to the pub for a couple of Blue moon wheat beers and to watch Andy dancing in front of the mirror in the bar, such an extrovert! 

We raced back to the van as we remembered that we still had no rear lights so we headed back to The three oaks and got there just as the light was going. It was shower night tonight, well it was Wednesday! Sue went first to try it out and reported that it was nice and hot but not very powerful. Andy went after dinner as it was his turn to cook! The shower was scalding and then cold alternating between the two randomly. The shower room had no heating and was just an old stone built store room. Never again! Baby wipes next time.😊

8th Dec

A very frosty morning but the sun was trying hard to melt it. We planned to go to Pendine sands today. Andy had family holidays there when he was a kid and remembers that the beach was amazing, a vast amount of sand as far as the eye can see, (it probably looked bigger when you are only 3 feet tall)! We came down into Pendine and noted the signs warning that we were approaching a 20% decent so it was 1st gear all the way down and into the car park. The car park was empty and was surrounded by Herris fencing as there was redevelopment work in progress. We parked in the corner out of the way and walked to the beach. 

The tide was out so the effect of the vastness of the beach was even more stunning. We walked on the sand for 30 minutes and explored the prom. Everything was shut and a lot of redevelopment was evident, getting things ready for the 2023 season. 

As the rear lights on the van were still not working we opted for a safe night at The three oaks again rather than trying to find a site further along the route to our next stop on the map, Aberfan.