Temple at war-Cressing barns

We were invited to go to Cressing barns military show,     (Temple at war), by friends, Julie and Aaron so on Friday 12th May we left our seasonal pitch and headed towards Braintree to pick up some essentials before continuing the 2 or 3 miles to Cressing where Julie and Aaron met us. ///strapped.undivided.informer

We parked and locked the van, walked the dog and set off to have a browse around the show. We had no idea what to expect and as we rounded the bend and walked through the gates we were amazed when we saw the military vehicles and equipment that were on display.

That evening we sat around the fire pit next to our van and drank great quantities of beer, Gin, Jim beam and wine with some great new friends that we had met during the day, then it was off to have a dance in the marquee where there was a singer and a guitarist playing.

The following morning the view from our bedroom window was  Aaron and Julie's travel Pod. 

We got up and off we went to get breakfast, a gorgeous lamb and chili turkish flat bread. Our second day saw us taking our chairs to the main stage area where we watched a bit of dancing, mainly the syncronised stroll. The music was from the war years, 1940's and there was a trio of girl singers, Fox, Wiggle and Sass who entertained us with their beautiful harmonies. We were also treated to a fly past firstly by a Lancaster and then a Spitfire !

Later, we all sat around talking and laughing and playing silly games and of course drinking 'great quantities of beer, Gin, Jim beam and wine'.

And so, nicely lubricated we set off to the disco to have a dance.

Once we got back to the van we sat around talking past midnight but, there was something we had to do first....

We had a great weekend and met some fantastic people.