08 Apr

We left Thetford forest on the 9th of April and headed for Sycamore farm, West Caister. It was about 80 minutes from our over night wild site in the forest. We arrived and I have to admit that although I had done the research on Google maps I was slightly nervous about the narrow single track lanes leading to the farm, which was at the end of a dead end!  We managed to get the motor home through and parked it in a lovely spot after filling the tank up with clean water and topping up the toilet tank. 

Once parked I got the gas on and hooked up to the 16 amp electric supply and started the boiler. The safety valve on the boiler had opened due to the cold but I managed to warm the water up and get it to close. Also the water pump refused to pump and after investigation I found a loose spade joint which I fixed and then we had water at all taps and shower. The pump was also noisy so I checked the mountings and found them to be loose so I tightened them up and that made it a bit quieter. I decided to insulate the inspection panel when we got home to help sound proof it more. Whilst Sue was getting the coffee on and making the nest I climbed under the van and stabilised it with axle stands and did other 'blue' jobs.  We were soon ready to relax and take in the peace and quiet.

The five nights with hook up, water and waste disposal + shared toilet cost us £67.50 !

Definitely a place to return to.

Sue and D relaxing with a bottle of red!

A short slideshow

A room with a view.

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