Swallow falls and Betws y coed


It was VERY windy last night at Bethesda RFC and it was coming from southwest, so the van was side on to it. It wasn’t bad enough to warrant moving so we left it where it was and we walked the dog along the river and nearly got blown away! Back home for porridge and decided to sit it out until the wind died down a bit before heading for Swallow falls and Betws-y-Coed. 

Once the wind had died down a bit we set off for Betws y coed stopping at Swallow falls on the way. Swallow falls was £2 each and we got some really good videos. Andy remembered visiting Swallow falls when he was a young'un with his Mum, Dad and Brother back in the late '60s.

Then we headed for Betws-y-coed

Betws y coed was beautiful with the buildings all lit up and decorated with Christmas lights. It was very touristy though and it was obvious that you needed money to make the most of this beautiful town. We parked in the station car park, walked across the railway bridge and window shopped for an hour before heading back to the van. 

We drove back to Bethesda RFC where we stayed for the night. We arranged to return to Betws y coed the following day if we had time as our next stop was Llanberis and the spectacular Llanberis pass.