Leaving the islands

So, the winds are coming and we have decided to head back to the mainland so we don't get stranded if the ferries are cancelled.

We are at the Lochmaddy ferry terminal.

6th Dec

Andy got up and wandered over to the terminal to check-in but was told that check in is performed in the queue so he woke Sue up, got the van started and drove ‘round, in the dark with no lights, to the queue where we were ‘scanned’ and waited to board. 

15 minutes later we were directed to drive on and once parked went upstairs to find a place to sleep. 

We were soon under way and we went to have our showers which were pleasantly hot and powerful. Feeling refreshed we took it in turns to go to the canteen for breakfast for a full English. 

We dozed for a while until the sun started to paint the black sky a vibrant red and we watched the sun come up on another day of our fantastic adventure in the outer Hebrides, on our way back to the mainland and the western highlands before heading south and back to Essex for Xmas. 

Once the ferry had docked we drove off and popped into Tesco for food and then on to the Jet garage for diesel and gas. They accepted our UK fuel card for the diesel and the propane was £45.50. 

Our journey south continues.....