Rock-a-billy Norfolk

We both like a bit of Rock n roll and rock-a-billy so we were looking forward to this weekend at the Norfolk showground.  ///manhole.arkward.grunt.  This was another Warners entertainment weekend and we set off, avoiding the motorways and chose the A-10, A-505 and A-11 route which was much less stressful. We stopped at a little service station at Barton mills, near Thetford forest and had a Mocha and a bite to eat at a Greggs and after a wee break for the dog we continued on the 2nd leg.

We arrived at the showground and were directed to our pitch which was within a stones throw from the facilities! No dragging heavy water hogs for miles to the nearest tap! 👌😊

Soon the Quest pro 4 (beer tent) was up, the wind screen was wrapped around our pitch and all the fairy lights were in place and charging so it was beer O'clock.

Time to go and see what the entertainment was like so, off to the main venue to watch (and listen to) The Stingrays and Class of '58. Class of '58 were really good and the band was a family, Mum, Dad and two sons and the backing harmonies were spot on!

Sue was dancing almost straight away but Andy just didn't feel in the mood this time and concentrated on the band and his beer. 

The following morning, Friday we had a walk around the showground and checked out the stalls and the many vans on show. We arranged to take our e-bikes back to 'AS bikes' as we had trouble with the brakes. They fixed them and even replaced the lock which Andy had lost, free of charge!

We also met some friends who make and sell window security locks for caravans and motorhomes, Lock M out and had a chat with them.

Fridays entertainment included The Earl Jackson four who were very good. Andy went out on his own tonight as Sue was too tired as she was up with 'D' in the early hours and was all danced out after last night!

On Saturday we got the bikes out and rode into Norwich to see the Cathedral.

Saturday evening was much the same as the other evenings where the entertainment is concerned and we found that we were getting a bit bored with the music.

Sunday morning came and Andy took the drone out to a nearby park and got some aerial shots just for fun. The security guys at the showground had told him that drones were not allowed on the site.

The Sunday evening band was really good. They were 'Juke box jive featuring Eddie boy'. The guitarist/singer played Rock a billy in a Stevie Ray Vaughn stile with Jazz chords, fantastic! Andy went to bed buzzing and happy.

Video below is slightly blurry due to the zoom on phone.

Monday morning came too soon and we were packing away and back on the road.

A few weeks of rest and then we are off to the Warner's Country & Western show at the three counties showground in Malvern.               See you there!