Peterborough 2023

Leaving the Midland air museum was a bit of a drag (for Andy) but we were heading for another park up which we had found last year when we were at the peterborough showground and this was at Alwalton, just a few minutes away from the showground!  We got on the road and hoped that we hadn't left it too late to 'bags' our spot before other campers got there first.

We parked up and had a walk down to the river Neane and then onto The Cuckoo Inn.

In The Cuckoo Inn we met two very talkative American ladies and we spent a lovely afternoon drinking and talking to them.

The next morning we drove the 5 minutes to the showground and found the entrance despite the misleading direction signs! We drove in and were met by a 'gaggle' of marshals who informed us that the grass was "Very soft and wet, sorry"! Well, as there was no option for a hard standing we followed their directions and parked on the grass using our wheel mats to help to stop the front (drive) wheels sinking too much over the next four days.

Drone view of our pitch, can you see the Mac shack?

Over the next four days we checked out the many motorhomes and camper vans which were being exhibited and 'people watched' from the comfort of the 'Moose' music bar. We sat inside the bar one afternoon and met a young lady who was working on her laptop which stopped working randomly and Andy, having been a support techie during his last job, managed to rescue this 'damsel in distress' and got it working for her. "My hero"!

The entertainment throughout the weekend was very good and included Ska madness, Complete madness, comedy with Brian Conley and Abba tribute 'Bjorn again'. On Sunday evening Andy went to see 'Stealing Dan and Don (Steeley Dan tribute) who were a bit 'jazzy' but they played a few of their commercial singles, Reeling in the years and Rikki don't lose my number.

After a great four days it was time to pack away and try to get off of the very wet and boggy grass. All during the weekend we have been watching with great interest the 'tractor guys' towing various vans off of the grass and now it was our turn. Andy tried his best but the front wheels would not grip.

We can't wait for our next adventure, Check back here soon.