Penderyn and The Globe pub stop

10th Dec

Once we had warmed up after our freezing night in the car park in Crickhowel we set off for the distillery at Penderyn where we bought Whiskey, Gin and a 'Baileys' type drink. 

We then decided that we should start to head east and get to the Forest of Dean as it was on the way back to our families and we planned to be with them over Christmas.

We phoned ahead to the globe Inn in the Wye valley in a village called Coleford which had previously visited on our way to Wales six weeks ago, (follow the link above to that page) and arranged to park over night in their car park. 

When we arrived Andy checked that it was ok to park and then we went in for a pint. Another motorhome turned up and parked next to us for the night. We had a Chinese take away from just across the road and then went back to the pub to watch England v France in the world cup. England lost 2-1.

We stayed late and watched the band and got to bed, exhausted and sad about the football but looking forward to continuing our journey east and home to our families.  

After a great night out we got back into the van and fell into bed exhausted and looking forward to a easy journey back to Hertford in the morning.