Pantmawr farm CL and Aberystwyth rugby club aire.

6th November

We left Coco's wild camp and soon arrived at our destination, Aberystwyth, and parked in Lidl's car park. Sue went to get some groceries and booze and Andy searched for an overnight spot on search for sites  but was unsuccessful. Sue returned and we drove around searching for a suitable park up and decided on a quiet cul-de-sac next to the rugby club, parking behind another smaller camper. We were low on water so Andy went to ask for some drinking water at the rugby club and the young chap gave him some cooked sausages too, we think he thought that Andy was a homeless person and took pity on him. Lovely sausages though, thanks mate! It was obvious after a while that Sue didn’t feel that this place was where she wanted to be tonight, so we looked for an alternative and found a CS site just down the road. Pantmawr farm was almost perfect, £25 a night was expensive, but you need to feel safe! We drove in, pitched up and got the booze out and relaxed. 

7th November

The next morning, we got the bikes out and headed for Llanilar village along some very nice cycle ways. We stopped at a village shop, more of a shed really, and stocked up and then decided to get back to the dog and have a coffee. Then we headed into Aberystwyth in the rain and got soaked so we sheltered at the castle ruins and then took refuge in ‘The white horse’ pub to dry off for an hour.

Once back at the van Andy went to have a shower and then we settled down for the evening

8th November

Next morning, we packed up and set off to find our next stop over. We had contacted the Aberystwyth rugby club as they had just set up an Aire with the support of CAMPrA (Campaign for Real Aires) and we pulled into the car park and paid £10 per night. The facilities included grey and black waste and clean water but no EHU yet.

We put ‘D’ in the buggy and walked into Aberystwyth town and checked out the beach and then had a pint in the White horse. The pier was the shortest that we had ever seen and it had all of the usual attractions that you would expect on a pier, fish and chips, arcade, bar, etc. We got back to the van and settled down for the evening.

Wednesday 9th  

On Wednesday, after the dog walk, we biked to the hillside railway, (Funicular). 

When we got there it was shut so we walked up the very steep slope to the ‘Constitution hill café at the top and met the young couple who were parked in the rugby club aire next to us. 

We chatted for a while and then explored the rest of the hill, beacon, wind chimes etc before heading back down to collect our bikes. 

We stopped off at Iceland and Pets at home for some essentials before getting back to the van. Later that day we walked to the Starling cloud pub for a pint a got talking to a local drunk who was very pleasant and friendly. Back to the van and Bed.