Northrepps airfield - Cromer

One day, when Andy was flying planes, we flew to Cromer for lunch Cromer crab and fish n chips at the No1 fish and chip shop on the Cromer front. He knows how to treat a girl !

The airfield that we flew into was Northrepps and we decided to revisit it in the Mac shack so Andy spoke to Reg Barber, his Chief flying instructor when he was a student pilot and he gave us the number for Kevin Smith at the airfield. We phoned Kevin from The Red Lion in Cromer and arranged to drive into Northrepps that day. 

When we got there there we plugged into the 10 amp hook up and put everything on charge. We had full facilities so Andy promised to have a shower!  As you can see from the video below we were parked right next to runway One-Five which was the one that we landed on for our 'romantic' lunch trip. It was really nice to be back and Andy said that it brought back all of the memories of his flying days.

During a break in the weather we decided to go for a walk and set off towards Northrepps village where we had been told, by Kevin, that there was a good pub, The Foundry.

We had only planned to stay at Northrepps for one night but the high winds and heavy rain continued for two nights and days so we decided that this was a safe haven until the storm passed. On the third day the sun came out and the wind died down and that brought out the planes and Andy became a plane spotter again!