New Quay


There are no photo's or video's of this stop over.

We got packed away and hooked trailer up and discovered that right hand rear lights on the van and the trailer were dead. Also the orange side reflector lights not working on same side. No more driving in the dark until it's fixed. Could be a fuse or a bad connection?

We headed for New quay where we stopped at a motorhome friendly car park. It was £8 per night and the machine only took coins. Once we had got change from the local corner shop we locked up and walked down to the harbour and along the harbour wall. We tried to spot dolphins but they didn't come out to play today! 

We window shopped and explored in the cold wind and then went back to the van for some Netflix and football.  Eventually we called it a night and went to bed as we had plans to drive inland tomorrow to a little farm where we could plug in and charge everything again.

We have completed a month on the road!