Mwnt beach and St David's

3rd December

In the morning we got packed away and loaded the trailer. It was very cold. Andy emptied waste and paid £40 for the 2 nights +£2.50 for extra electricity. (8kwh per day allowance was included with the price for the pitch but we had been using our small electric fan heater). We set off for Cardigan to get diesel for the van and the heater. We stopped at a Murco garage where they didn’t accept our UK fuel card so we put the fuel on the credit card. We just put 20L in the tank for now and topped up heater can with about 6 L to keep us going until we could get to a garage that accepts the fuel card. (Our UK fuel card gets us fuel at discounted price compared to the price at the pumps. At the time of writing, the pump price is approximately £1.80 per litre and this week's fuel card price is £1.62.)

Sue went to Tesco for shopping and then we headed for Mwnt beach. The road down to the beach was like a cycle path and very bendy. There was a wedding in the chapel at the bottom of the hill and the guests were coming back up the hill that we were driving down so Sue got out and guided Andy down when the traffic had cleared. Andy thought that she should have had a red flag to wave!

When we reached the car park at the bottom the views were stunning. The bride was having photos taken and she must have been frozen as the wind was icy cold. The chapel could only have held about 30 people and was almost on the edge of the cliff. We walked down the 100 steps to the beach which was deserted, possibly because of the icy wind? There was a stream running down the hill and into the sea and we just stood in awe of the beauty of the place that we had found. We said that we must come back and swim and get the paddle boards out when it's warmer. 

As we were climbing the steps to the car park three chaps came running passed us in shorts and track suit tops and carried on up the hill! Hard core runners! Andy explored the cliffs on the other side of the chapel and then we set off back up the lane and headed for St. David’s RFC Aire. We had phoned ahead to get a place in their car park for £10 a night. There were no services but it was a safe place for the night. 


We arrived at the rugby club,  parked up and went into the club house for a beer or two. There was a solo guitarist/singer on and with a little persuasion from the locals we got up and had a dance.


In the morning Andy walked D over the fields and discovered a fitness trail so, of course, he had a go.

After breakfast, with D in his trailer, we walked to St Nons cliffs and well,  across the fields and stiles. It was hard work pushing him along the muddy rough ground but when we got to the cliffs it was worth the struggle. ///promise.eased.matter

We walked along the cliffs taking photos and videos of the views and carried on to the well and the chapel ruins.

We decided that we would go back to the van using a different route as there was a road which we weren't aware of. (Research) and on our way back we discovered St David's Cathedral! 


The building was beautiful but due to the lack of research before we started our walk we had left our English Heritage membership cards back at the van so, we couldn't take advantage of the tour around the inside of the Cathedral. We both said that it was lucky that we had decided to stay at the rugby club for two nights instead of the one night that we had planned as we would have missed the Cathedral completely. We agreed that we must concentrate on doing more research before a trip and not be in such a hurry to get out of the van in future. 

We headed back to club for a Sunday roast, which was surprisingly cold, and Guinness each, which was unsurprisingly cold. We retired to the van for a doze and then awoke for the England v Senegal world cup knock out match which we watched in the van as the club was shut tonight. 3-0 to England and bed.  


Today we were going to collect our post from the Neyland post office, so we drove around St Bride's bay and through Haverford west. Then we carried on and crossed the Milford haven over the A-477 bridge and around towards Laurenny where we had found a sports club where we hoped to be able to stay for the night.