House sitting November 2021

We've been house sitting in Harlow from 25th November 2021 for two weeks . We parked the van in our secure lock up, drained the tanks and emptied it of food. We filled bags with our clothes and toiletries  and moved in to a two bedroomed house for two weeks. It felt strange leaving the van but this was just another adventure and it was nice to know where we we sleeping for the next fourteen nights.

The things that you forget when you live in a van are soon remembered when you move into a house. The stairs, washing machine, dishwasher and unlimited water and electricity. The stairs are the most surprising, when you haven't had to climb a flight of stairs half a dozen times a day your legs forget how to do it! Yes, we walk for miles when we are exploring and there are times when stairs have to be climbed but not multiple times a day. Andy's legs ached for the first few days and he said that he felt like he had been to the gym. This is a lesson that we have learned now and we are exercising our 'stair climbing muscles' more often when we are back on the van.

Here is one of our 'stair climbing' training videos.

After the house sitting was over it was Christmas with the family. Nothing very interesting to report, a normal Christmas where we all ate too much and Andy had a few beers. It was lovely to be invited to Andy's daughters house so that we could all be together. Unfortunately, Sue was working for the whole of the Christmas period from the 23rd to 27th as she is a carer at a home in Harlow.

Next, Mersea island!