14 Jun

We had been travelling and living in the van since January, on and off. We had to be back in the Harlow area every 10 days so that Sue could get to work and so for her work days we stayed at Andy's Mum's or parked up close by. 

The Hertford C&C club site was a favourite of ours and we decided to apply for a seasonal pitch there. The first two applications failed and we were offered a pitch at Theobalds park but we turned this offer down twice. 

Eventually Andy got an email from the C&C club to offer us a pitch at the Hertford site! We were really excited and he replied to accept the offer immediately. As we were on the road attending the Stratford upon Avon and Peterborough shows, (see these pages in the side menu), we arranged to move in on the 14th June, the day that we left Peterborough.

Our first pitch was our second choice but we were able to move to our first choice after a few days when it became available. The location of the second pitch is perfect. We can relax in a secure and quiet place and enjoy the summer. We will travel again soon but our thoughts are that we want to stay put for a month and catch up on little 'jobs around the house' (van) and then set off again at the beginning of August.

We spent our days relaxing and D the dog was very relaxed.

UPDATE: The Hertford site has closed, (along with 8 or 9 others)

We were informed (along with the other seasonal pitch holders) and holiday makers, that the site was closing to allow management to re-deploy their staff to other sites for the summer rush.

We received an official phone call followed by an email on Tuesday 20th July and were told that we had to be off the site by 12 noon on Friday 23rd July!

We won't go into the details of our move here yet or the discussions with the friends that we had made who were all in the same 'boat' but you can imagine that it was upsetting and stressful. To cut a long story short we received a full refund which meant that we had enjoyed almost 6 weeks at the camp site for nothing!

We decided that we would get back on the road again and headed off to.....you guessed it, our favourite area of the UK at the moment, Suffolk. So off and over the Orwell bridge to start a new adventure...

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