Cumbria family trip-work in progress

We set off on the first leg of the trip to Cumbria and headed for the little lay-by next to the canal at Knottingley, near Doncaster. There was a bit more litter this time and as the evening came so did the youths with their crossers and mopeds. They didn't cause us any trouble but we didn't feel as safe this time and decided that we wouldn't use this spot again, especially at this time of year.

After a dog walk in the morning we set off on our next leg of the journey towards Whitby on the east coast and parked up in a large lay-by on the cliffs at Sandsend.

We pulled into Coniston park coppice site and chose our spot. Jenny and Rob pitched their tent and we set the van up and got it ready for visitors!
Once the family had arrived we got comfy and opened the booze.
The pitch was away from the lake and nice and quiet.

The following day we had a group get together and we sent the drone up to scan the site.