Bethesda - Chester - Bethesda

15th Nov

After a great journey from Bethesda RFC along the North Wales expressway we arrived in Chester and pulled into the drive of Digby farm CS in Bretton which we had found on 'Search for sites'. We tried phoning the site but got no answer so Andy tried to find someone in the yard. It was obvious that there was no one in so we decided to try somewhere else. We had another CL on our list so we phoned Thornleigh park farm CL and they had space at £17 per night including EHU and water so off we went and got set up ready for the evening. 

We hadn't decided how long we were going to stay but we thought that we should explore Chester so three nights would be enough. We got on the e-bikes and headed into Saughall to collect Andy's tablets from the pharmacy and then picked up some booze from Lidl on the way back home to relax with a drink before bed.  

16th Nov

It is raining today so it is a media day. Andy sat in the 'naughty chair' to keep out of Sue's way while she 'tidied' and he worked on the website, organising media and updating the text until around 2pm and then we went for a walk to blow the cobwebs away.

Back home refreshed and we worked on the first upload for the website and published the forest of Dean page. Wi-Fi and power are usually a problem when trying to upload but we try to keep things organised, as we travel to keep the work load down. The rest of the day was spent relaxing in the van eating Sue's soup and catching up on a bit of tele.

17th Nov

The weather was looking better today so we started to cycle into Chester to have a look at the Roman Amphitheatre and, it rained on the way! We explored the town of Chester and marvelled at the architecture and the multitude of bars and restaurants which were housed in the beautiful old buildings. We had a pint in the slug and lettuce before carrying  on to have a look at the Amphitheatre. 

Some school children were re-enacting gladiator school training so we had had to be careful with our cameras and we couldn't get the shots that we might have been able to if the children weren't there. 

After exploring the Amphitheatre and the Roman gardens we headed back to the van for a nice dinner and tele evening.

18th Nov

After a full English and dog walk we said our farewells to the farmer and headed for Aldi for supplies. Then it was off to get the trailer tyre repaired. We pulled into the garage forecourt and Andy took the wheel in. The mechanic took the wheel, set the tyre on the rim, pumped the tyre up, (no puncture!) and didn't charge us! Thank you.

This video shows us arriving at the rugby club in Bethesda but we actually stopped at the launderette on the way.

We headed to Morrisons where there was a launderette and spent a few hours getting all of our washing and drying done whilst we watched the magnificent rainbows.

Once the washing was done, we got back onto the North Wales expressway and drove to Bethesda rugby club Aire where we were going to stay for one more night. It's always a good idea to return to a safe place that you have tried out before rather than trying to find a new place to stay overnight, especially if it is getting late and you are worn out because you have been at the launderette all day!

When we got there the plumbers (Tony Davies) had completed the work on the waste drainage so we filled and emptied as required. We were the only van there tonight so after a pint or two in  the club bar we settled down for a nice quiet nights sleep, hoping that the strong winds would not return but, they did and we moved the van up behind the club house buildings to get a bit of shelter. 

Tomorrow we are going to Anglesey.