Abersoch and Aberyswyth


In the morning we walked D down the hill and tried to unlock Andy's credit card at an ATM but it failed as it wasn't a NatWest ATM.  Then we carried on down the hill and through a yard to check out the beach. It was windy and very cold but the beach was nice and probably crowded in the summer.

Back to the van we set off from Abersoch as we had decided to head for Aberystwyth so that we can start to explore the south west coast over the next week or so and so we stopped at Aberystwyth RFC Aire again. We left the car park and drove for about an hour before stopping for brunch.

Once parked up and settled at Aberystwyth RFC Aire we thought that it would be nice to go and have a drink and as we were getting low on funds, (pension goes in on 30th) so we found the NatWest ATM in town and unlocked the credit card PIN and then off to Wetherspoons for a pint or two. We sat down and looked forward to a relaxing with a cheap couple of pints but the aircon was on and it was freezing🙁We just had the two pints, moving tables to try to get away from the aircon cold air and then went back to the van, heater on and world cup on TV before bed.  


After a good nights sleep we walked the dog and then breakfasted. We got the dog trailer out and walked into town. We got to the front and walked  along the prom. The sand from the beach had been washed up onto the prom by the recent storms and the council were sweeping it up and tipping it back onto the beach.

We walked around window shopping and then had a couple of pints in the White horse with chips, meat balls and chicken coujons. Andy went into a music shop and tried an acoustic guitar but didn’t buy it. Back to the van to write up diary and watched Wales v England world cup game. Wales 0 - England 3.  (Oops, that won't go down well!)